May. 6, 2016

The NAO and Me

I am a Manual Osteopath who graduated from National Academy of Osteopathy in 2013 and the education that I had received at this insitutution is second to none!

Currently I am a resident of London ON Canada and I really enjoy the small town atmosphere in London, but it is a great place to have a business as it is centrally located to other larger areas as well. London is close to Toronto as well which the home of the NAO (National Academy of Osteopathy) and I have always found it an easy commute.  The staff and administrators at the NAO are always so very helpful and kind, and they respond with such energy and compassion with every question I have had so far.  I always look forward to talking with them; it is really an emotional charge for my day each time we connect.

Pain - we all experience it on a daily basis, and some of us have to bear so much more than others, and for some it is only a temporary relief until the next day begins again.  I like my profession as I relieve human body pain with my own skills without any medications and really the best part of what I do is meeting people and joining them on their journey.  The NAO has given me the tools, skills and confidence to assist those in pain and then to help them with relief or even the ability to remove the cause of their pains.  With my patients I always joke around with them and tell them I hope to never see them again – I hope their pain is in a place where they can either manage it or it is gone entirely.  Of course, I tell them to come back if they need to but we are ultimately working to the goal of us only getting together to share a joyful memory instead of helping them relieve pain once more.

I love my profession as it is close to Public Health and working with my community has always been exciting, rewarding and fulfilling. I provide comfort and peace of mind to human body and the results of this process build a healthy and vibrant community, one that is filled with joy, peace and comfort to those I have touched. This makes me happy as a person, as an osteopath, and as a spiritual person as well.   I joined National Academy of Osteopathy as it allowed me to complete my courses online and then appear for exam and internship which was my choice of moving forward.  I love the support provided by the Institute, they are always there to assist with a question, to help with organizing programs or opportunities, and the professional development after graduation is a great tool as well. I love that they are in contact with students in an ongoing basis even after completion of studies. The institute loves their alumni, and we love them as well, and it lets us all provide for patients, their families and our own communities.  Thank you to all at the NAO!



Ashrafunissa Janmohammad, Manual Osteopath

London, Ontario, Canada

NAO Alumni 2013